Who is the “well-read hooker?” And moreover, why choose a moniker like that?

I’ll start with the part more likely to raise eyebrows: hooker. Let me state right up front that no streetlit corners and hotel rooms are relevant here. My hook of choice is a crochet hook; I just can’t resist hooker jokes and the accompanying opportunities for innuendo.

OK, so that explains the “hooker” bit. Now for the well-read part: I read. A lot. And I intend to write about the things I’ve read as well. In the interest of full disclosure, a lot of what I read currently may not be considered high-quality literature, and rightfully so. The way I see it, I’ve done my time: I hold a BA and MA in literature and teach college composition. Everything else I read now is solely for my own enjoyment and often escapism.

This blog then is a way for me to combine two things I’m passionate about: reading and crochet. Most of the time I’ll probably just do mini-reviews or impressions of the books I’m reading, but who knows where such musings may take me. For the crochet component, I plan on flaunting the items I’ve made and talking about them–the planning of the projects, the inspirations, the process itself, and sometimes even stories about the intended recipients or the adventures of the finished project.


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